Privacy notice

We hope our privacy notice below covers everything you need to know, but if you still have any questions please feel free to contact the organizers: Veronika Cheplygina and Amelia Jiménez-Sánchez.

Who we are

Datasets through the L👀king-Glass is a webinar series linked to the project Making Meta-Data Count (MMC). The project has received funding from the Independent Research Fund Denmark - Inge Lehmann number 1134-00017B. This website has been created and is maintained by the members of PURRlab.

What information we collect and how we use it

If you subscribe to our newsletter, we add your email address to our newsletter mailing list, which is managed via Brevo (formerly Sendinblue). We do not use any tracking in our newsletters, which means that we can’t identify how many or which users have opened mailouts or followed links.

Subscribers receive information regarding events in our webinar series (at most two mails per event), and occasionally (at most once a month) information about other events or new work published by our research team. We will never share your data with anyone beyond our team and our mail service provider, Brevo.

Notice that Brevo stores all data on servers within the EU (see Brevo’s data storage locations) and in compliance with the GDPR (see Brevo’s privacy policy).

Your personal information is never shared externally, or used for purposes other than the above.

In subscribing to the newsletter or contacting us, you are consenting to the processes as described on this page. The legal basis is GDPR 6(1)(a) – Consent of the data subject.

Retention periods

In all cases listed above, we retain your personal data until such a time as you unsubscribe or ask us to remove your details.

If you contact us via email, we reserve the right to keep your message indefinitely. This is to aid continuity and so that we can view any historic context which may have bearing on subsequent support mail, even if members of the support staff change. Support staff adhere to strict internal privacy and security policies.

How to unsubscribe from the newsletter

Every newsletter contains a quick and easy unsubscribe link in its footer. Alternatively, you can also ask any of our team members personally to remove your data from all of our systems.

Your right to access

You may contact the organizers at any time to ask to see what personal data we hold about you. Please contact us to request this.

Your right to erasure

You may request that we destroy the personal data that we hold about you, provided that there is no legitimate reason for us continuing to hold it, that is to say if it does not relate to financial transactions or is unlikely to be of any legal or practical purpose in the future. Please contact the organizers to request this.

Your right to complain

If you believe that we have mishandled your data, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Danish Data Protection Agency, Datatilsynet. (But please do contact us first, so that we can try and help).

Data, cookies, and external services

We do not employ any cookies or external services beyond Brevo (for newsletter signup and subscription management, as mentioned above) on our website.

Last updated: October 2023